Being Simply Unique


To be simply unique is to be you. Just you as no one else can be. It’s a very simple concept but simple is not always easy, in fact at times it is the most difficult to achieve especially when it pertains to ourselves. The very definition of the word unique means to be one of a kind, which we all already are, but still work so hard to be.


I am on my own simply unique journey, determined to be me as only I can be. I have spent far too much time trying to figure out who I am instead of being who I am. I am a girl that cannot be defined because I am unique. A little bit of this, a little bit of that and maybe tomorrow none of it at all.


I encourage you to join me and be you, happily. Be simply, unique.


Tara McCollum, a New York native, currently resides in Houston, TX where she has learned to trade in cosmopolitans for margaritas, and white winters for palm trees, but has held stead fast to her great love for the Yankees. She currently works full time as a middle school English teacher and is a loving mother to a little monster named Dean, who reminds her to never give up on her dreams and encourages her to keep changing them, and often. Never giving up on her dreams of one day becoming a novelist, she has slowly been documenting the crazy and unexpected soap opera like turns of her life on her blog,, in the hopes of one day entertaining the masses with her unbelievable tales. Stay tuned.